We have a strict vetting process for our adoptions. Our goal is to find a forever home for all of these babies. You will need a cage, food, and you will have to answer a questionnaire before being considered as an adopter. We will also need to do a home visit to verify that it is suitable for a glider.This may be done by us personally or by one of our assistants in your area. We will also be in contact with you for the next 6 months to do checkups to see how the rescue(s) are doing. If for any reason you can’t keep the rescue we would also request that it comes back to us( which we hope doesn’t happen).

If you are getting the rescue to be a cagemate for one you already have then some of this isn’t necessary. But we would like for you to bring yours to see us so that we can see it’s personality and try to match it with one of similar personalities. We want intros to go smooth and for them to be happy together.

Online Pre-adoption Questionnaire


Included is a form for people to fill out for surrenders. WE DO NOT TRADE GLIDERS. WE DO NOT BUY GLIDERS. If you are looking for a good home for your glider we can do that. We will also work on gliders that are untouchable and are not tame. This is the main thing we do. We will also have them neutered if necessary before they are found a forever home. We can travel, have them railroaded to us, or you can bring them to us.

release form