Bonding Tips

What Is bonding.

Bonding with your baby is one of the most special and hardest thing to do sometimes. Gliders that come prebonded are much easier then those who the breeder or previous owner didn’t spend time with. But let me assure you, I have only found one or two in my many years of working with gliders, that couldn’t be tamed. The biggest thing that most people do is give up. Once this happens, then your glider becomes just a caged decoration. please don’t ever give up. If you need encouragement then please find someone that has them and they will or contact us and we will. The keys to a successful bonding is patience and persistence. you need both to bond with a sugar glider. A glider needs to build trust and lose fear of humans.



A lot of people believe that bonding means that they will only love that one person. This is a myth. Bonding really means that they have lost their and have learned to trust humans. Essentially, they have accepted humans as part of their colony. What this means is that, just because they have gotten attached to one family, they can still learn to love another family easily. So don’t ever think that just because you are taking a rescue or joey that the other owner loved and handled, that they won’t love you and show it. I feel it is quite the opposite. Follow the steps listed in here and you will have a sweet and loving companion that will be here for many years to come.