This can be the hardest part of bonding. Figuring out whether your glider is biting or nipping can be trying. The first thing to figure out is whether your glider is biting out of aggression or curiosity. If the bite is quick and if they shake their head while holding on is it good sign of aggression or fear. This is normally accompanied by crabbing. If it is during grooming or slow as in the video, it is curiosity. Gliders also show affection through a form of Love Bites. These can be hard at times.
I hear a lot of people say that you should give them a treat. “They can’t bite you with something in their mouth.” This is completely wrong if you’re giving it to them while they are biting you or right after they bit you. What you are teaching them is that it is okay to bite if they bite make a “psst” sound. Gliders make that sound to each other as to say “NO”. Give them a treat when they don’t bite. This way you’re rewarding them for good behavior. You can do the same thing for hard Nippers. Trying to break a chronic biter can be difficult as well and will take time and patience. This technique can take days to months to master but will be well worth it in the end.