Pouch Protectiveness


Sleeping Pouches and Protectiveness.

This part has helped me tremendously with bonding over the years. It is the use of an open environment pouch. In the videos, you can see what a glider sees in each type of pouch. When you use a normal pouch they only see your hand entering the pouch. Another old-time glider owner put this into perspective by calling it “the King Kong perspective”. If you can imagine just how scary it would be to have a huge hand reaching in for you while you are sleeping, then you can understand. This can cause crabby gliders, pouch protective gliders, and biters. These can also make it difficult to get the glider into a bonding pouch to carry with you.
What is an open environment pouch? There are several types out there. I use a parachute style because it will close completely up but I can open it before I reach in and they can see me and my hand. There are completely open pouches and if you need, I can give you names of vendors. In the second video, you can see the difference. That trust you have been working on will help with this as well. You will remove the fear of the unknown by allowing them to see you. Using an open eenvironment pouch will also help with pouch protectiveness, crabbiness, and biting.