Tent/Tub Time

Tent/tub time

This can be done in a tent or a bathtub and bathroom. Some even have a room dedicated to their gliders. What this is, is a chance for them to be free in an enclosed area. This works great with the bonding process. It puts you in their environment and you become the toys and they can roam safely. Tents can be anything from a camping tent to a mosquito netting tent that you can purchase from Amazon. Tub or bathroom time you can set up a toy or jungle gym in a bathroom and close the door. ( always make sure that the toilet seat is down. Gliders don’t swim.) You can do this for as long as you would like.





Tent time, play time vs bonding time.

This is a question I get quite often. “What do I put in the tent when bonding?” or someone will say, “when I’m doing tent time, they don’t want to be with me. They will hide behind and play with their toys.” So let’s just do a session on why.
Tent time can be used for 2 things. One is to start and improve bonding. And reason 2 is to play and spend time in their environment. These are 2 completely different aspects of owning gliders.
Let’s look at what to do when bonding during tent time. I recommend no toys or pouches during bonding tent time. Now for the reasoning. If you have toys or pouches in the tent during this time they will either, ignore you or they will hide from you. This doesn’t make bonding productive. When bonding you want to be the only safe place in the tent. This helps build trust in you.
Play time in the tent is after you have them well bonded. This is when you add toys and/or a play gym into the tent. You at that point become one of the toys. When they are bonded to them they will climb on you and play with their toys. This will strengthen your bond to them.
So remember no toys or pouches during bonding and toys during play time.